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Anti-poverty Advocacy

Our approach to combating homelessness and poverty is about meeting direct, immediate needs while working toward long-term, systems-change.

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To get involved, or learn more about our work, contact, and be sure to follow our social media accounts @realchangenews.

Take Action
Stop the Sweeps
Real Change believes that sweeps are disruptive, dangerous, and unhelpful. We support ending sweeps, removing police officers from the Navigation Team, and concentrating efforts increasing on housing and services. During the global pandemic, the CDC advises to not sweep unless individual housing units are available. Seattle has continued to sweep despite this recommendation. Residents are put at greater risk for infection by being pushed around the city. Real Change organizes actions around planned sweeps, along with petitions and public comment to support proposed legislation. Please reach out to get involved in current projects.

Access to Hygiene

Seattle Street Sink is a public, free hand washing station that can be made cheaply and installed almost anywhere. Real Change partnered with University of Washington Architecture professors to design, develop, and install the pilot sink at ROOTS Young Adult Shelter in the University District. Real Change has committed to bring this project across the region, and will announce more sites soon.

Everybody deserves access to clean, safe bathrooms. The Everybody Poos campaign fought to bring bathrooms to all. We are thrilled to announce that with the hard work of our dedicated activist community, 5 Mobile Pit Stops in the 2020 City Budget passed! We secured $1.3 million to fund this public toilet program that also offers needle disposal, a pet waste station, as well as providing a new jobs program. The Everybody Poos Campaign succeeded because vendors and allies testified to City Council, sharing the importance of this public health tool.

Real Change advocacy continues to push decision makers to install these bathrooms, and complete the hard-fought project.

Real Change is a member organization of the Washington Low Income Housing Alliance, Seattle Human Services Coalition, Seattle King County Coalition on Homelessness, and International Network of Street Newspapers.