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Take action and join the RC All Star team!

Real Change is a leading voice on the survival issues that directly affect our vendors and is focused on bringing our vendors and community of supporters into action. Advocacy is about adding your voice.

You can be an All Star

Every month, Real Change selects an issue that impacts poor and homeless people in our region. We tell stories of people who have experienced this hardship, we give you background and talking points, and then we tell you where you can join us in applying leverage to changing the system.

Our Advocacy Record

Signature advocacy efforts have included:

  • The OutsideIn Campaign to make 1,000 people safer by 2015 helped move the unsheltered issue to the top of the city agenda this year.
  • The Occupy CEHKC Campaign partnered with other grassroots homeless organizations to fight for new homeless survival resources. During this campaign, Real Change vs. City of Seattle established with the help of the ACLU that homeless protest encampments in city parks are permitted free speech activity.
  • Our leadership role in defeating an overly broad panhandling ordinance earned Real Change the 2010 Human Rights award from the Seattle Human Rights Commission.
  • The 2009 Initiative 100 No New Jail Campaign stopped construction of a $226 million new jail in Seattle by creating a community conversation on poverty, race, and incarceration.

    If you have advocacy questions or information to share, contact

    Real Change is a member organization of the Washington Low Income Housing Alliance, Seattle Human Services Coalition, Seattle King County Coalition on Homelessness, and International Network of Street Newspapers.