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Vendor Opportunity

Real Change Vendors: Opportunity and a Voice

Real Change is a reader-supported low-barrier work opportunity that rewards effort from the first day forward. More than 300 active vendors sell our award-winning weekly newspaper each month, with about 800 vendors served annually.

Sellers of Real Change are self-employed and purchase papers for resale for $0.60 each. Our vendors keep the remaining $2 cover price plus all tips for each newspaper sold. Vendors are issued a badge and five free starter papers after attending a one-hour orientation, held Tuesday and Fridays at 10 AM.

Real Change readers directly put more than a million dollars annually into the pockets of our vendors by buying the paper on the street.

We’re more than a job. We’re a community and a chance to grow.

  • Our Vendor Speakers Bureau provides valuable training and paid experience.
  • Vendor Representatives are peer-elected leaders who help ensure vendor concerns are heard.
  • Vendor advocates meet twice-monthly and are the backbone of our organizing and advocacy.
  • Leadership training opportunities and paid internships help vendors build transferrable skills.
  • Vendor voices inform our newspaper through weekly Editorial Committee meetings.

What Vendors Say:

“I really love selling Real Change. I get to make my own hours; I don’t have to work on somebody else’s time clock or call in sick. The flexibility of it is great.” — Jen Tibbets

"I got regular customers. I love them. They help me out a lot.” — Thomas Shipley

“I began selling the paper because my husband died. I was grieving. I would run into people who told me they had also lost their spouse or their children. There was this sense of community. And now I can’t even get out of it. I look forward to people talking to me every single day.” — Ivy Irving

"Real Change tells the truth; it’s innovative; it talks about the real issues. If I didn’t believe in this paper, I wouldn’t sell it. I can make a difference and make people start listening.” — Nick Maxwell

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