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Vendor FAQ

Who is a Real Change vendor?
A Real Change vendor is a self-employed person who has independently chosen to sell Real Change and earn personal income by selling the paper.  Most of our vendors are people who are presently or formerly homeless.  All are low income.  For more information about vendor demographics, you can check out our Annual Reports

How do I become a Real Change vendor?
New vendors are welcome at Real Change!  Please visit our page for prospective sellers to learn more.  There are no requirements for being a vendor other than agreeing to abide by the Real Change vendor code of conduct and completing a 1 hour in-office training and orientation. 

Where does the money go to when I purchase a Real Change paper?

The vendor buys the paper from Real Change for 60 cents and sells it for $2. Vendors earn $1.40 for each paper sold, plus any tips they might receive.

What is the average amount a vendor earns Selling Real Change?

Vendor earnings vary greatly with location, weather, and selling style and preference. Our most successful vendors cultivate a community of regular buyers and are consistent about when and where they sell. More casual vendors typically sell 2-6 papers an hour.

How can I nominate my favorite vendor for Vendor of the Week?
We appreciate you taking the time to let us know about the special person who offers you Real Change. Vendors of the Week are profiled in the paper and receive a $25 prize. To nominate your vendor, use the form provided here. If you prefer to nominate someone by phone or email, contact Vendor Program Manager Rebecca Marriott, at 206-441-3247 x221 or rebeccam (at) realchangenews (dot) org.

How do I know who is and is not an authorized Real Change vendor?
Active vendors will have a badge bearing the Real Change logo, their vendor number and the current year on the bottom left corner. Please only purchase papers from badged vendors.

How can I report a problem or incident I’ve had with a vendor?
Responding to customer and community concerns is a top-priority for us. Please fill out the vendor incident report here, or call or email Vendor Program Manager Rebecca Marriott, at 206-441-3247 x221 or rebeccam (at) realchangenews (dot) org, and she will be happy to address your concern. If the vendor is active and is violating the Real Change Vendor Code of Conduct, immediate action will be taken by our staff to correct the situation. In serious or ongoing situations, we will suspend or cancel a vendor’s right to sell papers.

Are there specific locations where vendors are authorized to sell?
Vendors have a first amendment right to sell the paper on any public, common space such as a public sidewalk. Vendors selling on private property (for example, outside a grocery store but not on a sidewalk) must get permission from the property owner or manager. Some vendors sell more than 300 or more than 600 papers a month and are granted a reserved selling location. A map of current club posts may be found here. Club members have their vendor post printed on their badge.

What hours is Real Change open?

Monday: 8am-4pm

Tuesday: 8am-Noon

Wednesday: 8am-4pm

Thursday: 8am-4pm

Friday: 8am-4pm

Saturday: 8am-12pm

Sunday: closed