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For Current Vendors

Current Seller
This page is regularly updated with information, news and announcements for current Real Change sellers (vendors). Please let vendor staff know if you would like anything added to this page.

General Announcements:
Remember that the new paper is released every Wednesday morning. On Tuesdays, the paper can be purchased at a discounted price of $0.50 per copy.

Reserved Selling Policy

The reserved selling location program is available to vendors who consistently sell a large number of papers and ensures that a selling location will be available to them.

* If a vendor sells 300 or more papers in a month, they may apply for a reserved selling location. This means they can have priority at a particular spot or storefront in the community to sell their papers.
* Vendors who sell between 300 and 599 papers each month get half day reserved selling location, meaning they can either have priority at that spot from 6am-2pm or from 2pm-10pm. When they are approved for their reserved selling location, they will receive a new badge with the location and hours printed on it. When they show up at that spot during those hours, other vendors need to leave, regardless of who was there first.
* If a vendor sells 600 or more papers each month, they may apply for a full-time reserved selling location, applicable 24 hours a day, everyday.
* At reserved selling locations where the assigned vendor is not present, it becomes first-come-first-serve.
* All vendors must be at least one block away and across the street from the next nearest vendor while selling the paper.

Badge Policy
Real Change vendors may receive up to three free badges per year. After that, vendors will be required to pay a $0.50 printing fee for each new badge. Real Change will waive this printing charge if the vendor is able to turn in their old badge at the time of a new badge request.

Severe Weather Policy
When the weather forecast has the daytime temperature below 32 degrees or above 90 degrees, the Real Change office will maintain community hours during all open office hours. The office will only be open as a comfortable place to stay.

Disciplinary and Appeal Procedures
If a serious behavioral incident occurs regarding a Real Change vendor, or there are multiple reports of a vendor in violation of the code of conduct, vendor staff will act appropriately in assigning the suspension or termination of his or her right to sell the paper. If this occurs, the vendor will be informed of the decision and given the right to appeal it to a board of elected vendor representatives.

What to do if you have a conflict with another vendor or community member
Any conflicts in the field or in the Real Change office should be brought to the attention of vendor staff. In most situations, it is best to walk away (even if you are sure you are right). If the conflict occurs with another vendor, try to get his or her name or vendor ID number from their badge, so vendor staff can properly address the situation.

Opportunities to Earn Free Papers
Each month, every vendor is allotted one set of “starts,” a set of five free papers the vendor can receive when they have no other option. A vendor cannot receive “starts” and purchase papers at the same time. Also, once a week vendors have the opportunity to perform a “chore” in exchange for ten papers. These chores usually include basic cleaning in the office and vendor area. Chore sign-ups are at 4:15 Monday through Saturday, except for Tuesday, when the office closes at 1 pm. On Wednesday mornings, vendors can sign up at 8:00 AM to unload the new papers from the truck. In addition, vendors may receive five papers for attending the monthly vendor meeting.

You can receive these announcements, along with any announcements of office closures or the availability of papers, by calling the vendor information line. This can be reached by calling Real Change at (206) 441-3247, and dialing 1, and then dialing 1 again.