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Looking for community leaders for positions on our Board of Directors

Board of Directors Job Description

Responsibilities of the Board of Directors
The Real Change Homeless Empowerment Project Board of Directors is a group of volunteers that are legally responsible for governing Real Change. As with any non-profit board, the Real Change board provides guidance and oversight to the executive staff of the organization that is responsible for carrying out the organization's work. Generally, the board's most significant duties are to:
• Govern the organization and oversee that it is meeting its legal and fiscal requirements
• Steward the mission and determine the organization's future
• Be the link to the larger community, as ambassadors and fundraisers

The Board's primary responsibilities include:
Governance and Planning
• Determining the mission, vision, and purposeful direction of the organization
• Selecting, supervising, and evaluating of the Executive Director(s)
• Strategic and effective planning for the organization's future
• Recruiting and maintaining an effective Board of Directors
• Expert advice and counsel as needed
Outreach and Fundraising
• Ensuring adequate resources to achieve the organization's mission and implement its programs and projects
• Participate actively in fundraising activities that match abilities and economic resources
• Enhancing the organization's public image by acting as an ambassador in the community
• Active participation in calling donors for reminders and thank you’s
• Overseeing the fiscal health of the organization, including ensuring financial accountability
• Overseeing an ongoing process of budget development, approval and review
• Assist in managing resources

Real Change Board Expectations and Time Commitment
Board members are expected to work respectfully, cooperatively, and collaboratively with others, including diverse groups of people. We value a good sense of humor! New board members will bring their individual skills and abilities to help us become better and stronger together in service of the mission of Real Change. To this end board members are expected to:

• Contribute between six and ten hours per month on board work, including time outside of scheduled meetings.
• Attend all full board meetings (currently, the fourth Thursday of the month, 5:45-7:45pm) (11 per year)
• Participate in at least one board committee
• Read materials to prepare for meetings and complete other assigned tasks
• Engage in outreach and fundraising activities, including the annual breakfast
• Contribute an annual financial gift to the organization of an amount that is personally acceptable for all members
• Participate in board development activities, including orientation, an annual retreat, and year-end evaluation; The Board holds an annual retreat in order to have dedicated time for discussions on current and future challenges facing the organization, as well as to develop a more cohesive and effective team
• If possible, volunteer occasionally for one of Real Change's programs to experience Real Change work in action first¬hand

A Special Note about the Paper
To protect editorial autonomy, the Board of Directors has no direct editorial role in the newspaper. Real Change is unique in that one of its programs is the operation of an independent progressive community newspaper. The Board may raise editorial policy concerns within the context of planning and broad program oversight, but individual board members may not try to influence reporting or editorial content in any way. If they choose, board members may participate in the newspaper as a regular volunteer.

Examples of Real Change Board Member Activities
• Board members are called upon to take part in long-range strategic planning and implementation.
• The board helps organize and execute our annual fundraising breakfast each fall by hosting guest tables, assisting with the program, volunteering the day of the event, making thank you calls to donors, and writing thank you notes.
• Board members participate in advocacy campaigns and activities organized by Real Change both at the local level and the state level.
• Board members will participate in an annual assessment of our performance as a body as well as our individual performances as members.

Interested? Please reach out to us via and we will send you application materials!