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Staff Directory

Business Hours:
Mon. - Fri.: 9am - 5pm.; Wed.: 8am - 6pm.; Sat. 8am - Noon; Closed Tuesdays from 1pm - 5pm; Closed Sundays
Address: 96 S Main St. Seattle | Send Mail To: 219 1st Ave S Seattle, WA 98104 Suite 220
Phone: (206) 441-3247
Email: admin (at) realchangenews (dot) org

Ainsley Meyer
Advocacy Intern
Ph: (206) 441-3247 x.205
Email: ainsleym (at) realchangenews (dot) org

Ashley Archibald
Staff Reporter
Ph: (206) 441-3247 x.210
Email: ashleya (at) realchangenews (dot) org

Ashley Eller
Operations Associate
Ph: (206) 441-3247 x.203
Email: ashleye (at) realchangenews (dot) org

Bridget Mountain
Vendor Support Coordinator
Vendor Services
Ph: (206) 441-3247 x.214
Email: bridgetm (at) realchangenews (dot) org

Camilla Walter
Development Director
Ph: (206) 441-3247 x.201
Email: camillaw (at) realchangenews (dot) org

Jon Williams
Art Director
Ph: (206) 441-3247 x.208
Email: jonw (at) realchangenews (dot) org

Katie Comboy
Volunteer and Community Resource Coordinator
Administration & Development
Ph: (206) 441-3247 x.212
Email: katiec (at) realchangenews (dot) org

Lisa Edge
Reporter and Communications Specialist
Ph. (206) 441-3247 x.207
Email: lisae (at) realchangenews (dot) org

Lucie YĆ©pez
Ph. (206) 441-3247 x.203
Email: luciey (at) realchangenews (dot) org

Neal Lampi
Field Organizer
Vendor Services
Ph: (206) 441-3247 x.211
Email: neall (at) realchangenews (dot) org

Shelley Dooley
Managing Director
Administration & Development
Ph: (206) 441-3247 x.218
shelleyd (at) realchangenews (dot) org

Tiffani McCoy
Lead Organizer
Ph: (206) 441-3247 x.222
Email: tiffanim (at) realchangenews (dot) org

Timothy Harris
Founding Director
Administration & Development
Ph: (206) 441-3247 x.202
Email: director (at) realchangenews (dot) org

Trina Hunter
Vendor Support Specialist
Vendor Program
Ph: (206) 441-3247 x206
Email: trinah (at) realchangenews (dot) org

Wes Browning
Circulation Specialist
Vendor Services
Ph: (206) 441-3247 x.214
Email: drwes (at) realchangenews (dot) org