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In early December, United Nations Special Rapporteur Philip Alston landed in Los Angeles, the first stop on his tour of extreme poverty in the United States.

It was a Sunday, a day before he was scheduled to begin, but Alston said he decided to get a head start on his mission. One of the first things he learned was that homeless people in the area don’t have access...

Rampant Radicals is a monthly report about Seattle's change makers from the Real Change Advocacy Department

Roi-Martin Brown jokingly calls himself “the last Black man in Seattle.” He was orphaned as an infant and adopted by a Black family in the late ’50s. He feels lucky that he now owns his childhood home in the Central District, and he works with Washington...


Hearin my brothers
piercing screams
echoing in da nite
beggin one person
to give a damn
if yo sees
da morning lite
so darlin
have a drink on me
yeah sweet baby
this ones on me
mans not made to die
on cold filthy streets
an tomorrow
could be me
          could be me


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