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Homeless Speakers Bureau Testimonials

About the Homeless Speakers Bureau

Real Change’s Homeless Speakers Bureau is a group of homeless and formerly homeless people who speak about their personal experiences with homelessness. Speakers help educate the public, facilitate conversation, and inspire social action. See FAQs, and Speaker Profiles for more information, or request a speaker now.

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Homeless Speakers Buearu Community Testimonials

“Powerful and personal testimony about the situation of adult homeless people in Seattle and the work of Real Change… Your message had an impact.”
- Heidi Thomeson-Pena, Program Developer, First United Methodist Church

“I encourage you to continue these public speaking presentations. I believe they are beneficial to our society. Sometimes, it takes putting a name and a face to a problem before people are willing to help.”
- Anne Parrish, Continental Savings Bank

“The students… were confronted with some of their own stereotypes about the poor. All learned about the paper and what grassroots social change can be all about.”
- Lucy Jaros, Asst. Prof. Dept. of Geography, University of Washington

“The speaker was informative, funny, powerful, honest and articulate. The students loved him.”
- Astrid Larsen, School Counselor, The Northwest School

“We would heartily recommend your speaking program, and the work of your organization(s), to any other civic group, club, church or organization looking for their ‘Best Program of the Year’.”
- Neal Lekwa, Program Chairman, Lions Club of Mercer Island